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User passkey management

Allow users to manage the passkeys associated with their account.

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Complete the steps in Get Started to create a Passage app and install the necessary SDKs.

Display passkey table

Fetch user devices from Passage

Retrieve the list of passkey devices for each user from the Passkey Flex Backend.

Use the unique external ID created during passkey registration to retrieve a user's passkey devices from the Passage database. Learn more about external identifiers.

app.get('/user/devices', async (req: Request, res: Response) => {
    // ... Verify user identity
    let user = User.findOne({id:})
    let passkeys: WebAuthnDevices [] = [];
    // Verify that the Passage ID you created and stored is present
    // This indicates that the user has passkeys
    if(user.passageExternalId !== null) {
        // Retrieve a list of all devices used to register a passkey
        passkeys = await passage.getDevices(user.passageExternalId!);
    return res.status(200).json({username, passkeys}).end();

Learn more about the Node SDK

Display devices

After retrieving the list of devices, WebAuthnDevice data can be rendered.

Passkey TableExample of a passkeys table in a profile.

WebAuthnDevice properties

PropertyData TypeDescription
createdAtDateDate the passkey was created.
credIdstringWebAuthn credential id.
friendlyNamestringName set when the passkey was created.
iconsWebAuthnIconsIcon associated with the passkey: light and dark.
idstringPasskey unique identifier.
lastLoginAtDateDate the passkey was last used to log in.
typeWebAuthnTypeThe type of WebAuthn authenticator: passkey, security_key, or platform.
updatedAtDateDate the passkey was last updated.
usageCountnumberNumber of times the passkey has been used.

Node WebAuthnDevice type (opens in a new tab)

Revoke passkey

You can revoke a passkey from your server with the Passage Flex backend SDK.

Backend'/revokePasskey', async (req: Request, res: Response) => {
    // ... Verify user identity
    let user = User.findOne({id:})
    // Revoke passkey device
    await passage.revokeDevice(
        user.passageExternalId! // Same value saved to your DB // ID of the passkey
    return res.status(200).send('OK').end();

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