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Passkey Ready integration

Integrate Passkey Ready into your client application to learn how many of your users are ready to adopt passkeys.

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Install the Authentikit npm package:

npm i --save @passageidentity/authentikit


The CDN version of Authentikit is available at


Get client side key

Passkey Ready requires the client side key for your Passage organization where you want results to be posted. This can be found on the organization settings page of Passage Console (opens in a new tab).

Organization settings pageOrganization settings page in Passage Console

Integrate into your app


For single-page apps built with tools like React, Vue, or Angular we recommend placing this code near the main app constructor or function to ensure that it executes on all pages.

  1. Import the Authentikit class and construct an Authentikit object using the client side key.
  2. Make a call to authentikit.passkey.evaluateReadiness() on the page load of your main app body.
import { useEffect } from 'react';
import { Authentikit } from '@passageidentity/authentikit'
function App() {
    useEffect(() => {
        const authentikit = new Authentikit({clientSideKey: 'YOUR_CLIENT_SIDE_KEY'});
    return (
        // Main app body
export default App;


For apps built using the CDN Authentitkit script we recommend placing the code in a <script> tag inside the <head> tags on your app.

    <script type="module">
        import { Authentikit } from ''
        const authentikit = new Authentikit({clientSideKey: clientSideKey});

When integrating Passkey Ready into your app, consider the environments you may be posting data from. For example, if you integrate Passkey Ready into a development or staging environment, you may end up recording results that aren't representative of your production environment.


After integrating Passkey Ready into your client application you can test the integration by visiting your app in a browser or on your mobile device. The results will be posted to your Passage organization on the Passkey Ready page in Passage Console (opens in a new tab).

Passkey Ready dashboardPasskey Ready dashboard in Passage Console