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Install Passkey Flex

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Installation steps

Create a Passkey Flex app

Sign up for a free Passage account (opens in a new tab), then open Passage Console (opens in a new tab).

Select the Create New App button, then choose Passkey Flex.

Enter a name for your app and the domain where you plan to use the app, then select Create new app.

Backend setup

Install the backend Node SDK to communicate with the Passage API to retrieve transaction IDs and nonces.

npm install @passageidentity/passage-flex-node

Instantiate Passkey Flex.

import { PassageFlex } from '@passageidentity/passage-flex-node';
const passage = new PassageFlex({
    appId: process.env.PASSAGE_APP_ID,
    apiKey: process.env.PASSAGE_API_KEY,

Learn more about the Node SDK

Install a Passkey Flex client SDK

Install a client SDK to control the webauthn flow.

npm install @passageidentity/passage-flex-js
import { PassageFlex } from '@passageidentity/passage-flex-js';
const passage = new PassageFlex({
    appID: 'YOUR_APP_ID',

Learn more about the JavaScript SDK

Next step: Implement passkey registration

Set up passkey registration so you can begin using your Passkey Flex app to register passkeys for your users.