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What is Passkey Flex?

Passkey Flex provides passkey authentication support to existing authentication systems. It handles the hard parts of incorporating the WebAuthn API (opens in a new tab) and provides a simple, clean solution to take your authentication to the next level.

Utilize Passkey Flex during login and registration or as added security on secure user actions. Passkey Flex is supported in all languages, frameworks, and platforms.

Install Passkey Flex

Use cases

Passkey Flex SDKs

Web & Mobile Clients

Passkey Flex client SDKs communicate with the WebAuthn API (opens in a new tab). This allows you to make use of platform authenticators built into user devices.

React Native (coming soon)React Native (coming soon)


Passage Flex offers flexible solutions to accommodate any backend infrastructure. APIs are accessible over HTTP, compatible with any backend language or framework. Additionally, SDKs are available to conveniently streamline the integration.

The Passage API only stores the external identifiers you create for your users. Passage uses these to create WebAuthn credentials to authenticate and register passkeys. Passage does not store any sensitive user data.

Cross Platform

Flutter (coming soon)Flutter (coming soon)

Passkey Ready

Not sure if your users will adopt passkeys? Passkey Ready helps you determine if your users are ready for passkeys and how best to roll out passkeys to your users. Learn more about Passkey Ready.