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Passage app configuration

Add iOS app

Native mobile apps require additional configuration in the Passage Console (opens in a new tab).

Navigate to Native Apps, then select Add native app. Choose iOS, then follow the onscreen instructions to configure your app.

Download & publish assets

After you create your native app, you can download the apple-app-site-association file from the app menu. Publish the file to your site's .well-known/ directory.

Native app menuOpen Native Apps iOS menu displaying the "Download configuration file" option


You can install the PassageFlex SDK using Swift Package Manager or Cocoapods.

Swift Package Manager package URL:

Add Cocoapod:

pod 'PassageFlex'

Add Passage.plist file

Add a property list file to your app named Passage.plist and add your Passage app ID to it:

<plist version="1.0">

Add associated domains

Turn on the appropriate entitlements for your project in Xcode. These entitlements will associate your iOS app with your domain and use the apple-app-site-association file to verify this association.

To add the capability and entitlements to your application:

Open the target's Signing & Capabilities tab in Xcode and add Associate Domains capability.

Click Add(+) at the bottom of the Associate Domains section.

Add webcredentials:YOUR_AUTH_ORIGIN. See the screenshot below for an example.

Associated DomainsXcode Associated Domains settings